Having the privilege to serve as your elected Sheriff
is a great honor.



Leveraging technology to enhance Public Safety

We've made great strides in our efforts to 

keep up with modern technology in law enforcement and stay ahead of crime.

  • Automated External Defibrillators installed in all patrol vehicles

  • Intelligence led policing tools

  • Enhanced Crisis Intervention Training


Building trust through transparency.

Increasing transparency: Since taking office in 2016, I have remained committed to my priorities of public safety; building strong relationships with the communities we serve.

  • Social Media

  • Sheriff’s Advisory Board

  • Community Magazine

  • Coffee with a Deputy, Shop with a Cop

  • Body-worn camera program

  • Implemented implicit bias/impartial policing training program



Improving the well-being of our 

incarcerated population.


progressive inmate programs to reduce recidivism

Reducing recidivism has been an ongoing challenge, but one that I remain committed to. This year, we added three new programs to our already extensive portfolio of innovative inmate programs: Sprouts, Planting Justice, and Arts in Corrections. We also made technological advancements in our correctional facilities that benefit not only the inmates, but family and friends of inmates, as well as our correctional staff. Among those improvements were the transition to an electronic commissary system which allows family and friends of inmates to deposit funds into an inmate’s account electronically, and enables inmates to purchase commissary items with minimal assistance from staff. We continue to focus on creating an environment that is conducive to the well-being and development of our inmates with the goal of preparing them to successfully return to our communities.

  • New Rehabilitative Programs and Services:


    • Planting Justice

    • Arts in Corrections

  • Improved environment:

    • Electronic commissary

    • Tablets

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